Company Profile

MORDIC Oy Ltd is a family-owned enterprise located in Helsinki Finland. MORDIC China Ltd is located in Shanghai. Our common target is to provide water treatment industries a future-oriented, no-risk partnership and competitive advantages.

We have decided to share responsibilities so that MORDIC Finland Oy is in charge of marketing, brand management and industrial know-how and MORDIC China’s main focus is client service, engineering, manufacturing and after sales services. By this solution we have built a very strong concept.

To reinforce this concept both parties have agreed to deepen co-operation by mutual ownership of MORDIC –companies in Finland and China.

Nowadays we mainly focus sludge removing system, sludge dewatering system, sludge pumping system and sludge storage system. Tailor-solution is as well our special service and we can provide wide range of non-standard equipment in addition.

In 2017 MORDIC –group made a great strategic decision in company’s history and created a main manufacturing center in China.

For the future our innovative design and professional manufacturing will help us to win the market and make our clients even more satisfied.